Celebrating our CEO’s Birthday

To everybody, he is India’s most favorite Reality Tv Show Director with over 100 shows under his belt, but to us, he’s our lover boy who is still young at heart and a fierce perfectionist on set. A week before his birthday all of our minds were put to test to figure out the best gift for him and as far as I can say, that was the toughest task given to us, not because its difficult to please him, but because we all love him so much and his gift mattered the most to us.
Finally came ‘The day’, so we decided to celebrate it with the entire team and all the family members of our loving Founders and Producer. On we went to a resort located some 45kms from Bangalore in Anekal, a beautiful luscious green resort with a swimming pool and a lot of activities and a whole lot of fun. We reached our destination on the 16th of April evening, on reaching we explored the place and immediately fell in love with our selection. Then came midnight where we cut the cake on top of a flying bridge overlooking a pond with huts on it, just blissful and an unforgettable moment. After the celebration we all headed over to the dance floor, right beside a campfire that kept us in the mood for a long time, we danced to till the sun rose and went to bed in the morning.

Only to realize that we all couldn’t just leave the place after one night so we decided to spend his entire birthday there, so we stayed for another day doing rope activities and spent the sunny afternoon playing water polo in the Olympic-sized pool.
After 2 full days of a magnificent celebration we, unfortunately, had to leave the resort behind and come back to reality, driving back 45kms after a tiresome trip was also a very joyful experience with some loud music and entertainment on the way back. We then dropped our Loverboy home and went our separate only to meet back just a few hours later for work on the next, but none the less it was a day all of us would cherish and remember for a very long time.
Happy Birthday Sanjeev Sir,
With love,
Kuberan’s House.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Capt. Sanjeev k Kumar

CEO, Boss Man

Creative by heart, Visionary by thought – THE MAIN MAN BEHIND KUBERAN’S HOUSE 

Quote: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Co Capt. Ram Gowda

MD, Treasurer 

Actor, Producer, Visionary and much more, indeed a man of multiple feathers to his cap.

Quote: “I don’t know how to play Chess, but I will definitely win the game, mic drop!”


Command in Chief

Best negotiator, Go getter, Young Achiever, Confidant, Everything Operational .

Instrumental in KH being a Smooth sailing ship

Quote: “The tougher it gets, the cooler I get.”

The Start-up Guy, Govind Balakrishna Raju 

Chief Strategy Officer 

Master of all Trades. Work less, Strategize more.

Partnerships and various initiatives at Kuberan’s House.   

Visual Expert, Srinivas Vasanthala

Vice-President Operations

All the way from the high-tech city he’s a passionate Photographer, Animator, Visual effects producer, gadget guru and a low key lover boy.

Prathyusha, the High Flyer

A pragmatic entrepreneur & food lover.

A sublime deal closer for all Kuberan’s House ecosystem sponsorship & associates. A spellcaster in operations support

Dancing Star, Rachika 

Actress in the making, Dancer, perfectionist. As talented as the number of lipsticks in her bag.

Mystical Monika

Casting all spells on SOCIAL MEDIA 

Have you come across our social media creatives? Guess who is behind all of these unique thoughts and ideas? Our 2am thinker.

Sanjana, The Social Butterfly

Bad and Boujee techie, Dancer & an Entrepreneur, Handles PRESS & MEDIA for KH  – The nation wants to know! What’s the headlines for today?

Savage Simran

Tiny girl with not so tiny bag of questions.

She’s the secret behind our amazing stories, videos and more.

Has a keen eye for details…

Dhruv the “Dude”

Man of many contacts indeed.

Speciality: “Delicious Maggi Making”, no wonder he started his own cafe.

Kuberan’s House announces its first Kubera

Kuberan’s House has roped in Mr. Anirudh A Damani as the first Kubera Mr. Anirudh A Damani for the show. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Artha Venture Fund (AVF), India’s first MicroVC fund for early-age start-ups. While the preparations for this entrepreneurship themed show by the team is already in full swing, this move of teaming up with him as their first Kubera (investor) will eventually give the show all the more mileage and attract more startups to apply across India.

Mr. Anirudh A Damani, having pursued a double major in Business Administration and Economics from Austin College, Texas, has gathered extensive work experience of working across 85 start-ups all over the globe. He is a recognized personality in the start-up industry and is known for his unique style of working. He is in constant search of budding ideas and companies that are unknown, possesses the capability of becoming a start-up, and are worthy of receiving funding.

Mr. Anirudh Ashok Damani started his entrepreneurial journey as a door to door salesman in West Texas for US First Energy. With his skill set and talent, he helped the organization increase its ranking and sales and became the head of the commercial sales division in just 6 months. He continued working consistently and there was never looking back.

Presently, he is counted as one of the most sought out investors in the Indian start-up space today. Being also a part of the global group of mentors and advisors, he works with the sole aim to provide the required support, connections, and guidance to the founders of the aspiring firms. He prefers working closely with the founders of the company so that collaboratively they can develop prototypes, find their first customer, decipher unit economics, recruit the second line of management, and at the same time help the organization to grow and prosper. 

He is an influencer in the start-up and venture capitalist space and has brought about a change in the lives of over 35,000 followers on social media through his expertise and experiences. Along with blogging on his website, he also hosts a weekly live show and podcast on his Instagram handle wherein he takes up queries and shares his learning about the start-up ecosystem with the audience.  

Given the diverse portfolio and social media presence that he has, he is the apt selection for being a part of India’s Biggest Startup Show as the first Kubera. Having vast experience of the industry at the global level, and his considerate characteristic with the zeal to help aspiring entrepreneurs and ideas makes him a natural choice to be a unique part of the show, on top of being an investor Mr. Damani will also be a mentor to the startups along with best domain partners across India.

Expressing his excitement over the same, Mr. Anirudh A Damani, Founder and Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund (AVF),  said, ‘’ Kuberan’sHouse is known for its unique approach and dedication to the start-up industry. Their entrepreneurship theme-based show is another step in this direction and being a part of such an innovative idea is a great opportunity. It resonates with what I do and wish to do- to help the budding entrepreneurs and give them the required assistance in terms of guidance and investment. I am always on the lookout for unique ideas worthy of receiving the necessary support. I am elated and I am eagerly looking forward to my stint as an investor on screen and I am sure it’s going to be a good roller coaster journey for us. The thought process and the vision of the founders Sanjeev, Ram, and Ranjith and the dearth of such a unique platform for the start-up ecosystem is the prime reason for me to be a part of this initiative. I hope to extend my best support and also take away something valuable from the participants as well. ’’

Speaking on the announcement, Sanjeev K Kumar, CEO, and Co-Founder, Kuberan’s House said, ‘’The show will soon be under production and would provide for great content, ideas and invigorating infotainment that will be the first of its kind to an Indian audience. Meanwhile, screening of over 16,000 applicants from diverse backgrounds is happening right now. We are happy to have received such a good response but we are all the more ecstatic about getting on board with Mr. Damani as our first Kubera for the show. Given his diverse portfolio and experiences, he will be an asset to our show and we are sure our participants will get a chance to learn a lot under his guidance. With his energetic and knowledgeable persona, his proactive nature and charisma that he carries, he is truly going to be the first Venture Capitalist celebrity on television.”

Kuberan’s House has extended the show’s registration until 31st January 2021 to ensure more participation. Segregated into multiple stages along with a thorough filtering process, the show has various perks for all the participants which include funding, Kuberan’s House fellowship, a comprehensive 3-day workshop, and a golden opportunity to perform at the global platform, ‘Open Innovation Week’.

To apply and pitch your idea, please log onto their website, http://www.kuberanshouse.com/

We help find you the perfect investor!!

Starting a small business is always an exciting time. But no matter how great the product or business idea might be, how leaner the venture can operate, and how big the company has grown in size, there will always remain a necessity for more financial capital. Even the uber-successful and highly-funded billion-dollar start-ups keep engaging in more fundraising rounds than ever seen before. Having sufficient working capital and runway to achieve the company’s next milestone is essential to accord the business a chance to fully live up to its potential.

However, the start-up funds need not mandatorily come from the founder or through a bank loan alternatively. One can take off the strain of their finances by turning to investors, who can, in turn, earn a good amount of money when the start-up makes a profit.

Ways to Find Investors

Here are a few options that entrepreneurs and start-up founders can take stock of to find the right investing parties:

1.       Apply to Accelerator or Incubation Programs

The incubation or the accelerator programs are basically aimed at incubating and scaling start-ups in an environment of investors, mentors, and the right advisors. Many investment firms, universities, and seed funds offer such accelerator programs. These programs last for weeks or months, and their primary purpose is to make start-ups better in terms of their financial standing. They assist in raising funds and molding the business model so that it suits the market needs. Many incubation programs also have founders and industry veterans on-board with them who further help in the exchange of ideas and help start-ups smooth out the rough edges.

2.       Reach out to Private Investors

There are mainly two kinds of private investors – Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. An angel investor is someone with a high net-worth who has the money, resources, and the ideal background suited to make a company successful. These investors come in when the start-up is in its nascent stages and their investments would mean that they will own shares in the company. On the other hand, venture capitalists come on board when the small businesses are expanding and probably entering a riskier phase. They support successfully established businesses looking to bring in some modifications in their operations and now need money. So, based on the stage that one’s start-up is in, the founder can seek out the appropriate private investor.

3.       Attend Start-up Events

Success in entrepreneurship and funding is all about visibility and getting noticed by the right investors. Attending events is one of the best ways to achieve this. These opportunities can also turn into pitch nights, especially for start-ups that require a lot of seed funding. Such functions are a great way to meet and interact with investors and scale one’s networks. These occasions are also ripe for finding oneself mentors who can guide in the success of the start-up. However, reveal only as much as required to receive funding as too much disclosure of information to investors could prove counterproductive.

4.       Leverage Government Programs

Several governments across the globe are providing funds to various start-ups. India and France are the recent governments to launch a program, where entrepreneurs can easily raise funds for their ventures. The government programs are mainly of two kinds – first, where the government itself invests in the start-up, and secondly, where the government arranges for a meeting with the interested investors who commit to investing a certain amount of money in particular start-ups. Ideas that are good enough also get seed funding.

5.       Crowd Funding

A crowdfunding platform enables entrepreneurs or start-ups to obtain funds online via a website, that specializes in the specific type of funding required. There are multiple crowdfunding platforms available on the internet and entrepreneurs can upload as many details as they want about their venture, asking people to fund in their start-ups. This also gives the business the marketing it needs, creating an interest among the public for the company.

6.       Fundraising advisors

In cases where the entrepreneurs themselves do not feel confident enough to close a deal, they can hire a fundraising advisor instead. The advisors can meet potential investors in the founders’ presence and wrap the deal on their behalf. However, there are many fraudsters in the market that one needs to be careful of. So, do a background check before hiring someone and sharing the start-up idea with them.

Summing Up

Finding an investor for one’s start-up in today’s time has become relatively easy with a myriad of options available to choose from. However, the road might not be as easy as one might face rejections too. But it’s important to rise above them, learn from the mistakes and improve oneself. Soon, the right investor will come along to help take the business to the next level.

Authored by Sanjeev K Kumar
CEO & Co-Founder, Kuberans House

कुबेरान्स हाउस ने भारत मे् लॉच दकया प्लेटफाम्ण

नई दिल्ली। कुबेरानंस हाउस ने उदंवमता की थीम पर आिावरत शो की घोिणा की है, जो भारत के इनोवेवटव संटाटंज अप आइवडयाज की सोवंसिंग और संटंीलाइवनंग करने के साथ उनंहें देश भर के लोगों के सामने पेश करेगा। यह पंलेटफॉमंज उदंवमयों की वनवेशकों और उदंमी पूंजीपवतयों के सवंजशंेिं पैनल से वनवेश हावसल करने में मदद करेगा। कुबेरानंस हाउस के सीईओ और सह संसंथापक संजीव के कुमार ने बताया वक कुबेरानंस हाउस ने रणनीवतक रंप से एक पंलेटफॉमंज का गठन वकया है, जहां सभी उभरते हुए उदंमी और इनोवोटसंज अपने वबजनेस आइवडयाज और वेंचर मॉडलंस को पेश कर सकते हैं, वजसकी पंोफेशनल संकंीवनंग एकंसपटसंज की ओर से जांच की जाती है। इसमें से बेसंट आइवडया देने वाले उभरते हुए कारोबावरयों को वनवेशकों के सबसे ताकतवर पैनल के सामने पेश होने और उनंहें अपने संटाटंजअप में वनवेश करने के वलए राजी करने का मौका वमलता है। अपनी इस गवतवववि से कुबेरान हाउस संटाटंजअपंस और उदंवमयों के वलए बेहतरीन उतंपंेरक के रंप में कायंज कर रहा है।

A fresh start to 2021

Our New Year started off on the blissful morning of December 31st with a drive to a beautiful location hidden among majestic western ghats. So let’s go on this journey together.

We gathered at 5 and as usual, some of us were late and so as planned we left at 5:30 for a very memorable new year’s. With our 3 cars off we went to Chickmangalur not knowing what it had in store for us, As team KH drove in 3 different cars with only 14 of us, we had space around us and in our stomachs.  Our first stop was at the inevitable A2B, no drive is complete without some tasty, oily South Indian food. After literally belting every dish there we were set for a 6-hour drive to our final destination ( don’t worry nothing happened to anybody).

When we left the restaurants we started off with some melodious English tunes and like how every drive turns into ours too quickly changed from “Watermelon Sugar” by harry styles to “Tumse milkar” by Lata Mangeshkar. A few 100kms later all of our mobile networks gave haath so what did we do? The medieval stopping of every auto wala or pedestrian and asking them for directions, trusting their directions usually helps but luck might have been passed out that morning, that their directions led us into a broken bridge, and I’m not kidding it was broken. It felt like an episode of khatron ke khiladi, but we made it out alive.

All that felt microscopic when we reached our Homestay: bilagali homestay in the Chikmagalur region. It was filled with lush paddy fields, open grounds, and crispy air. Personally, I’ve never had the oxygen that pure ever before, so I did feel different on the inside, it might have been the company I had but I think the air there had something to do with it. We were greeted by this lovely family that owned the farmhouse, they were so caring towards us that the second we felt that love, all we did was look at each other with a sigh of relief knowing that our New Year’s was going to be one that we would cherish forever.

Apart from their amazing greetings they also fed us with some finger-licking Horanadu food, some of which I can’t even pronounce. And we also had a few other godly creatures with us, yes you guessed it right. There were dogs!!! yes, plural. there were more dogs than fingers in my hands. After a tiring session of catch with Bagira( a baby Newfoundland). We took a jeep through the farm to discover a waterfall, our very own private waterfall. This day just couldn’t get any better, we had the ones we loved around us in a very scenic farmhouse with some amazing dogs and our own waterfall, it was everything anyone needed to live a happy life. After the waterfalls we trekked some more only to find a freshwater pond, just waiting for us to jump in and so we did. A blue pond under the blue sky did feel like a Mani Ratnam movie scene for one.

By the time we finished with this, it almost was night time and the sun had already set. So we decided to camp near the pond, have some snacks and some cold beers. The situation for our New Year’s was set, let me list out: campfire, tasty snacks, cold beer, Kuberans House family, shooting stars, absolutely no traffic along with some gratitude and relief that 2020 was coming to an end. We had the last half an hour of 2020 when we started our toasts and shared what we learned from this year and how we can adapt ourselves for 2021 and be ready for every bowling ball that’s thrown to your face. As it struck 12, we couldn’t have been in a better place. 2020 has taught us all how to love one another, so I hope you enjoyed how we celebrated New Year’s, in a beautiful farmhouse on the outskirts of Chikmagalur. Stay tuned for more of our stories of how we met and how Kuberan’s house, which was just an idea came out to be this huge success not just in our lives but for many more people all over this country.

Have a business idea? We got you.

Have an innovative business idea and looking for capital to monetize it? While reaching out to venture capitalists is the next step, connecting with them can be challenging. And despite the presence of several startup forums across India, only a few provide opportunities for individuals from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to connect directly with India’s most proactive investors.

Kuberan’s House, a nucleus organization that invites, develops, streamlines and connects business ideas and inventions with prospective investors and venture capitalists, is attempting to change the narrative.

Bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and investors

Kuberan’s House is a first and one-of-its-kind platform to source and showcase innovative startup ideas across India and help entrepreneurs get investments from the best panel of investors and venture capitalists. A reality television show featuring Sonu Sood, it simplifies the process of getting an idea funded by turning it into an invigorating primetime content.

A brainchild of Sanjeev K Kumar (CEO and Co-founder), Ram Gowda (MD and Co-founder), and Ranjith Royal (Co-founder), the idea came into being when the world was in a total stand-still due to the pandemic. These three individuals from different facets of life came together and wanted to create something incredible to contribute towards the reality of ‘Make in India’. 

Govind Balakrishna Raju (Chief Strategy Officer) and Srinivas Vasanthala (VP – Operations) joined hands with the founders to execute the process and have played a key role in onboarding partners.

“Kuberan’s House is a startup for other startups. There are several startup forums across India, but none showcase and inspire other startups. And Kuberan’s House is the first of its kind to come up with this idea which brings closed-door investment negotiations to every living room and reaches people from every nook and corner of our country. It brings me immense joy that what started as a small idea has grown into a national initiative today,” says Ram Gowda, MD, and Co-Founder, Kuberan’s House.

A selfless national hero, Sonu Sood, will be the facilitator between the ideators/entrepreneurs and investors and will continue the good work by empowering people to make their dream come true.

Who can apply?

If you’re an ideator or entrepreneur, whether established or not and are looking for investment for an innovative business idea or enterprise, this is the perfect platform to achieve your startup dream.

The top 500 startups pass through a stringent filtering process and are impaneled to the Kuberan’s House ‘Hall of Fame’. Each of them is
handed ‘The Kuberan’s House Fellowship’ certificate as a seal of merit.

The applicants will further be narrowed down to the prime 100 who will be part of a 3-day holistic and exhaustive workshop. Consisting of an exclusive panel of professionals in corporate, finance, strategy, chartered accounting, fund management, legal and public speaking, this workshop aims to project, explore and impart each and every aspect of making a successful pitch to the investors. The final 60 startups are shortlisted to feature on the show. The 15-episode series will feature three ideas in each episode. Unlike a typical reality show with a winner and loser, this series is all about pitching and convincing top investors in the country about the value of your entrepreneurial idea, where every pitch stands a chance to get up to Rs 10 crore funding.

Participants will get the opportunity to pitch to India’s most prominent, proactive, and sector-agnostic investors (Kuberas) from the startup venture community. They will evaluate their ideas, negotiate and close an investment deal, anywhere from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 10 crore.

What makes Kuberan’s House different?

The USP of Kuberan’s House is that it is the first and one-of-its-kind in India to be televised on a general entertainment channel. Embodying the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ movement, it is a unique initiative that creates opportunity, provides great exposure and visibility to participating startups, and a chance for them to receive mentorship and financial assistance to turn their dream into reality.

What’s in it for you?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for top startups to be featured on national television. The top 500 participants will get access to Kuberan’s House’s an incubation and acceleration expertise. The prime 100 will get access to a complete holistic workshop with the domain, business, legal experts, and the final 60 applicants will be specially groomed for presentation and pitching skills, given international exposure, and taken to global platforms like Silicon Valley (USA), Singapore and Israel.

All the shortlisted applicants will also get other benefits in terms of startup credits, perks, and value-additions.

The right platform for your entrepreneurship dream

Kuberan’s House has strong associations with leading institutions, domain, database, and alumni partners such as IIT Kharagpur E-cell, Bits Pilani Technology Business Incubator Hyderabad, EntIISC, 100 Open Startups, TiE Hyderabad, VIT, Rabvik Innovations, Telangana State Innovation Cell, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, T-Hub, We-Hub, Vaave, India Network, Karo Startup, Startup News, and Tracxn, helping it become the biggest platform for startups.


One fine evening, 3 friends Sanjeev, Ram, and Ranjith met for chai and sutta.
They had an idea brewing that was to going to be brought into reality.

Sanjeev who had already made 99 television shows was set out to do something groundbreaking. Ram had agreed to do the show for him and with Ranjith’s help they had set out to do India’s Biggest Startup Showcase for all Indian Entrepreneurs and Ideators.

The three friends had successfully put the concept together –
The show was designed to bridge the gap between Venture Capitalists and Startups. It was going to be a fictitious house, which will house some of the biggest in India, but also open to anyone and everyone who needed help with their business idea.

The next question that boggled the head of the founders was –

What to name a show that was going to create this revolution in the startup market?? That one name was going to represent everything they were working for in line with the “Make in India” Initiative. A lot of thought was put into it, talking and debating for hours.

The idea then struck with Lord Kubera – An Indian Deity, God of Wealth and Prosperity. It was going to be a show that housed these Kuberas or Investors willing to fund the startups. It had instantly clicked with the 3 friends. Everyone had liked it, it was Indian, native, and authentic to the show. Hence the show officially came to be known as the “KUBERANS HOUSE”. Shows and films that begin with “K” have seldom failed, hence K was the pivot for Kuberan’s house; The whole process of naming the show took about 15 days but in return for greater satisfaction.

Kuberan’s House opens registrations for startups and innovators

Apply Your Dream Now!!

Kuberan’s House, a first and one of its kind platform has opened the registration process for its upcoming entrepreneurship themed reality show. Inviting entrepreneurs/ ideators from all sectors Kuberan’s House is an entrepreneurial-themed show which will source and showcase innovative start-up ideas from across India. All the startups from sectors like Fintech, Health-tech, Logistics, e-commerce, SAAS, Consumers Services, etc. can apply to this platform through the website www.kuberanshouse.com.

This platform is designed to help the entrepreneurs get investment from the best panel of investors & venture capitalists, thereby helping in converting each of them into successful business ventures.

The selected applications will go through a thorough selection process. Kuberan’s House has formulated stringent parameters to evaluate the entries once the registrations are closed. The parameters of evaluation include a three-stage filtering process which includes exhaustive checks on background, tech specs, business module, originality, and the feasibility of the proposed business idea. Each application will be screened thoroughly by domain experts from the biggest institutes across India like IIT Kharagpur E-cell, Bits Pilani Technology Business Incubator, Ent. IISC, TiE Hyderabad, VIT, 100 Open Startups, Rabvik innovations, Telangana State Innovation Cell, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, T-Hub, and 500 top applicants will be selected in the first round, and each of them will be awarded Kuberan’s House fellowship.

Further screening and business evaluation will identify prime 100 startups. The second round will consist of 100 applicants out of 500 which will be selected through a stringent filtering process. In the 3rd round, the prime 100 starts to go through a 3-day comprehensive workshop. The module will consist of an exclusive panel of professionals in corporate, finance, strategy, chartered accounting, fund management, legal and public speaking, this workshop aims to project, explore and impart every aspect of making a successful pitch to the investors.

Speaking on the same, Sanjeev K Kumar, CEO and Co-founder Kuberan’s House, said, “Through this initiative, we are relentlessly striving to provide India’s biggest platforms to entrepreneurs to present their ideas and get investors’ undivided attention. The show format allows participants to pitch their business ideas to a panel of renowned investors called Kuberas and persuade them to invest in their startups. Registrations are now open for all across the country, and we are on a mission to provide an opportunity for every Indian to make their dream come true. Our special focus will be to empower ambitious entrepreneurs from Tier2 & Tier 3 cities who do not have access to the regular investment forums.”

Talking about registrations and the enthusiasm witnessed on the platform, Govind Balakrishna Raju, Chief Strategy Officer, Kuberan’s House, “We have got enormous participation and partnerships from across the country and ready for welcoming a new set of incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs, and innovators on our platform. Through this initiative, we provide a big boost to entrepreneurs by providing them a platform to pitch and get funding of up to 10Cr, additionally, value adds and startup perks concomitant with our mentoring program will also provide the participants with an enriching learning experience which will prepare them to meet investors and present their ideas effectively.”

Brother of the Nation

Who would be the brand ambassador?

Who would be the face of the show?

No one knew and it was the next big challenge. We wanted somebody who is popular, who relates to people, and somebody who could take the application process across India. We were looking for a film star who has a national image. So we tried some of the best stars and as we were looking out for more and trying to fix up meetings, Divya of Divya Rama talkies shared a post of Sonu Sood helping people in need.

It was a stunner and all 3 of us (Ranjith, Ram, and Sanjeev ) were wondering why we couldn’t get him.

Within 24 hours Sonu was initiated, spoken to on a call, and explained the thought of the show. He was as excited as we were, his excitement added a new zeal in all of us and we wanted to make it phenomenal, and then with Sonu Sood, it was.