To everybody, he is India’s most favorite Reality Tv Show Director with over 100 shows under his belt, but to us, he’s our lover boy who is still young at heart and a fierce perfectionist on set. A week before his birthday all of our minds were put to test to figure out the best gift for him and as far as I can say, that was the toughest task given to us, not because its difficult to please him, but because we all love him so much and his gift mattered the most to us.
Finally came ‘The day’, so we decided to celebrate it with the entire team and all the family members of our loving Founders and Producer. On we went to a resort located some 45kms from Bangalore in Anekal, a beautiful luscious green resort with a swimming pool and a lot of activities and a whole lot of fun. We reached our destination on the 16th of April evening, on reaching we explored the place and immediately fell in love with our selection. Then came midnight where we cut the cake on top of a flying bridge overlooking a pond with huts on it, just blissful and an unforgettable moment. After the celebration we all headed over to the dance floor, right beside a campfire that kept us in the mood for a long time, we danced to till the sun rose and went to bed in the morning.

Only to realize that we all couldn’t just leave the place after one night so we decided to spend his entire birthday there, so we stayed for another day doing rope activities and spent the sunny afternoon playing water polo in the Olympic-sized pool.
After 2 full days of a magnificent celebration we, unfortunately, had to leave the resort behind and come back to reality, driving back 45kms after a tiresome trip was also a very joyful experience with some loud music and entertainment on the way back. We then dropped our Loverboy home and went our separate only to meet back just a few hours later for work on the next, but none the less it was a day all of us would cherish and remember for a very long time.
Happy Birthday Sanjeev Sir,
With love,
Kuberan’s House.