One fine evening, 3 friends Sanjeev, Ram, and Ranjith met for chai and sutta.
They had an idea brewing that was to going to be brought into reality.

Sanjeev who had already made 99 television shows was set out to do something groundbreaking. Ram had agreed to do the show for him and with Ranjith’s help they had set out to do India’s Biggest Startup Showcase for all Indian Entrepreneurs and Ideators.

The three friends had successfully put the concept together –
The show was designed to bridge the gap between Venture Capitalists and Startups. It was going to be a fictitious house, which will house some of the biggest in India, but also open to anyone and everyone who needed help with their business idea.

The next question that boggled the head of the founders was –

What to name a show that was going to create this revolution in the startup market?? That one name was going to represent everything they were working for in line with the “Make in India” Initiative. A lot of thought was put into it, talking and debating for hours.

The idea then struck with Lord Kubera – An Indian Deity, God of Wealth and Prosperity. It was going to be a show that housed these Kuberas or Investors willing to fund the startups. It had instantly clicked with the 3 friends. Everyone had liked it, it was Indian, native, and authentic to the show. Hence the show officially came to be known as the “KUBERANS HOUSE”. Shows and films that begin with “K” have seldom failed, hence K was the pivot for Kuberan’s house; The whole process of naming the show took about 15 days but in return for greater satisfaction.