Who would be the brand ambassador?

Who would be the face of the show?

No one knew and it was the next big challenge. We wanted somebody who is popular, who relates to people, and somebody who could take the application process across India. We were looking for a film star who has a national image. So we tried some of the best stars and as we were looking out for more and trying to fix up meetings, Divya of Divya Rama talkies shared a post of Sonu Sood helping people in need.

It was a stunner and all 3 of us (Ranjith, Ram, and Sanjeev ) were wondering why we couldn’t get him.

Within 24 hours Sonu was initiated, spoken to on a call, and explained the thought of the show. He was as excited as we were, his excitement added a new zeal in all of us and we wanted to make it phenomenal, and then with Sonu Sood, it was.